Narcotics Anonymous NJ Helpline: (800) 992-0401



Activities Subcommittee

This committee plans and carries out activities such as picnics and dances to spark interest and encourage participation and support. Fundraisers are important as it generates money to help carry the message of recovery, while welcoming activities that motivate attendance by increasing awareness of how the fellowship helps us as members in our personal recovery.

Hospitals & Institutions Subcommittee

H&I meetings can carry the NA message of recovery to addicts who do not have full access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings. H&I is an important service in our public relations efforts in NA. One of our PR goals is to inform the public and the potential member about our program. When addicts seeking recovery know who we are and where to find our meetings, this means our efforts have been successful. H&I meetings and presentations, except for those in long term facilities, are intended to introduce those attending to some of the basics of the NA program.

Public Relations Subcommittee

This committee is responsible for informing the public of the existence, location and purpose of Narcotics Anonymous with special emphasis on the addict who still suffers.

Website Subcommittee

In accordance with Narcotic Anonymous’ primary purpose of carrying the message to the addict that still suffers, this committee provides easily accessible information regarding the Greater New Brunswick Area of Narcotics Anonymous.